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An interactive stage costume that questions the relationship between humans and technology.
Arts and Culture Music New usages
Created by Hive

Wearkit seeks to open up the way to new narratives and spectacular stage effects by allowing performers to freely create living costumes that change shape or appearance and evolve throughout a performance.

September 2017
Project lead
Stéphane Garti
Programmer & digital artist.
Stéphane Garti
Daniel Amaya
Performer & digital artist.
Daniel Amaya
Project details

Wearkit Is a technological innovation for creating stage costumes for live performances that change trough Interaction with the performer during a performance or stage show. 

Wearkit is a low-tech prop comprising modules and sensors placed directly on the skin that can measure heart rate, muscle activity and body movements, plus a covering costume part (fabric, feathers, scales or other innovative materials).

It's an open source device that makes the invisible visible by expressing emotions visually!

September 2017 : Creation of the project

March 2018 : First Wearkit prototype tested during a contemporary dance creative residency at thecamp

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