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Cas d'usage - Malakoff Humanis Creativite 1

Creative Problem Solving

AaaS - Custom session




Malakoff Humanis’ goals for this training were:

  • Train participants in Creative Problem Solving
  • Include the process in internal practices
  • Initiate projects in different branches by creating duos with innovation referents


Creation of 3 sessions over 2 days + support over 6 months (1 day/week).


Program features:

  • In-depth training in CPS and alternation between methods and tools, reinforcement and concrete applications
  • Kiosk format: inspiration sequence for reframing
  • Constant attention to managing the energy of the group (alternating sports, meditation, after-hours time for creativity, warmups)
  • Creation of high-quality training materials: notebook and worksheets
  • Activites and tools to encourage creating bonds and an autonomous transversal team
Case d'usage - Malakoff Humanis Creativite 2
Cas d'husage - Malakoff Humanis Creativite 3
Cas d'usage - Malakoff Humanis Creativite 4

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