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Responsible Mindset for Managing Directors

AaaS - Custom session



Accenture’s goals for this training were:

  • Bring together participants, create a group and cohesion
  • Communicate the program’s strategic goals (first of five modules) and announce the final deliverable
  • Introduce the topic of Responsible Business in a systemic way
  • Develop storytelling around Responsible Business
  • Inspire participants on the topic of Responsible Business / Mindset
  • Tie these elements in to Accenture’s activity

Creation of a dedicated, 1.5-day module.



  • Awareness of the state of the planet and social and environmental emergencies
  • Awareness of the necessity of systemic thinking
  • Introduction to eco-design, international work on measuring impact, principles of philanthropy and Julien Dossier’s “fresco of the ecological renaissance”


Cas d'usage - accenture mindset
Cas d'usage - accenture mindset

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