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It's not enough just to imagine sustainable innovations for tomorrow, they have to be tested in real conditions with the stakeholders and users who will provide them with the means to be scaled up.

The Lab is a third place connecting businesses, local and regional authorities, entrepreneurs and citizens around complex urban issues related to mobility, food and quality of life.


The Lab's activities revolve around four pillars:

1/ it identifies innovative and disruptive projects in line with thecamp's value, as well as strategic and funding opportunities

2/ it federates energies by bringing together a variety of stakeholders, facilitating multi-partner collaboration between major groups, local authorities and startups

3/ it sets up and provides access to public and private playgrounds in order to conduct experimentations, thus trialling pilot projects within the region, its cities and thecamp

4/ it promotes a systemic approach to research and innovation centered on the users and gives visibility to different initiatives


Among its public and private-sector founding partners, thecamp has major players who provide access to playgrounds on which experiments can be carried out in real conditions with real users. 

- thecamp
- Port of Marseille-Fos
- Aix-TGV station and the road linking it with the campus
- Aix-en-Provence city centre
- Euromed urban district

Directions for 2018

For 2018, thecamp and its experiment partners have chosen projects focusing on three key themes related to the major societal challenges of today. 

- Feeding the cities
- Improving quality of life
Exploring urban mobility

Current projects

Living cities: Aix Smart Places
Inspired by "Réinventons Nos Places", Place de la Nation in Paris, this project takes a new look at how to make pertinent urban planning decisions, with the aim of improving users' well-being by capturing urban data via IoT infrastructure placed around the city to record noise levels, traffic flow, pollution, temperature etc.
Mobility: ProMISe - Provence Mobility Innovative Services
This digital solution uses a multimodal calculation tool to reduce personal car use within the PACA region and will lead to a wide-ranging public drive (incentives / coaching) over the next three years in collaboration with the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Authority.
Energy: Solarcamp - "Vehicle-to-Grid"
This energy and mobility-related project redistributes energy across various sites (for example the Aix-TGV station) using a micro-network of electric car batteries. The FLEXGRID-certified process also allows drivers to "earn" PacaCoins that can be used for purchases at the station and should help enhance energy management at the user level while at the same time creating business opportunities (V2H - vehicle to home, V2G - vehicle-to-grid).
Mobility: Demoiselle
This modular mobility services is based on mixed-usage (professional & residential) in suburban areas. The aim is to imagine passenger transport modes of the future, create a unique mobility experience that adapts to users and to their environment and to experiment with driverless transport on a road between thecamp and Aix-TGV station.
Mobility: Aix-TGV – Station of the Future
Following on from the partnership between SNCF Gares & Connexions and thecamp, Aix-TGV has been designated an "Innovation showroom". The aim is to make it a "model" station and more attractive to users by using it over the next two years as a testbed for a series of innovative services: robot guides / accessories that analyse travellers' emotions / digital display / digital model / LED lighting / smart parking / video analysis data / multimodal transport services / co-working spaces / mobile dustbins… The station will also be aiming to become self-sufficient in energy thanks to photovoltaics.