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We can't predict the future. But we can imagine it! 

This immersive program, using mock-ups and storyboards, will allow participants to project themselves into the world of tomorrow and to commit to a desirable future.


TIMELINE: 3-5 days at thecamp
PARTICIPANTS: 10-40 persons from a same organization

Audience & Objectives

Senior and middle managers, company executives.
All business sectors.


Go beyond the confines of the organization and strategic sector thanks to fiction

Imagine and produce future scenarios, and the associated skills, for the organization

Train a team in design fiction methods

Provide concrete means to take strategic decisions to bring about a desirable future



Period 1 – Immersion in the Future 

  • Introduction to the design fiction method 
  • Creative and immersive workshops: mapping and co-opting the imagination, designing disruptive scenarios specific to one's business sector, converting what has been imagined into opportunities.


Period 2 – Materialization of the Scenarios 

  • Storyboarding of the fictions by a scribe
  • Prototyping of the fictions in the FabLab
  • Video-filming the scenarios


Period 3 – Reaction and Actions

  • Presenting and sharing the scenarios filmed
  • Itération and feedback
  • “History map” and implemention plan
  • Debate and recording of interactions


Nicolas Minvielle
Olivier Wathelet
Martin Lauquin



Change strategic perspective through an immersive program: the credible scenarios are staged and played out

Give oneself concrete ways of changing by favoring the perspectivist over the futurist angle

Acquire the methodology to break free of technological dogma and step outside the boundaries of reality

Go away with visual images of the work completed: the breakthroughs are illustrated, staged and prototyped

Take advantage of interaction with a supportive ecosystem of designers, artists, story writers, scribes, makers… who think the future


Map of the different leads to the futures imagined for your theme

5 videos of prototyped scenarios

Storyboard of the entire session drawn by a graphic facilitator

Video recording and visual representations of the ideas emerging from the discussions


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