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événement financement de startup - alimentation et mobilité durable

The Grand Final Pitch Night! Climb#02 Startups

December 11th
18:00 - 20:45

Free event, registration necessary


A night for startups to pitch their sustainable mobility and food solutions

The second season of Climb, the acceleration program by Le Village by CAAP at thecamp, is drawing to a close — which means that the startups are ready to pitch their sustainable food and mobility solutions!

The Climbers, from several different countries, are finishing up 3 months of intensive workshops, one-to-one mentoring, and meeting with partners. They’ve been fine tuning their business models, building their ecosystems, improving their customer experiences and developing their soft skills. 

On December 11, it’s their time to shine. We’re giving them the stage to present their solutions!

This event will also include a talk by Deborah Pardo, PhD, on the topic: "Changing the status quo by revealing the potential of women".

Audience : 
Open to everyone interested in innovations that challenge the status quo!

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550 rue Denis Papin
13100 Aix-en-provence

Accessible via 3 bus lines, at the "Descartes" bus stop: 
Line 18 from Aix-en-Provence city center
Line 15 from Aix-en-Provence city center
Line 53 from Marseille Saint-Charles


Welcome & Presentation of Climb#02

Keynote talk: "Changing the status quo by revealing the potential of women," by Deborah Pardo, PhD

Climbers’ pitches! (5 minutes per startup)

Cocktail party!

Climb mentors will be present, as well as investors and business angels.

This event is in English.

Keynote Talk

Deborah PARDO innovation sociale entrepreneure
Changing the status quo by revealing the potential of women - Keynote talk by Deborah Pardo, PhD

Deborah Pardo has a PhD in ecology and 8 years' experience in prestigious international research institutes working on the impact of global changes on seabirds. In 2017, she was named one of the top 20 innovative women by French newspaper Le Tribune after being the first French woman part of the largest female expedition in Antarctica's history, which trained 78 scientists in leadership to save the planet. Today she is a green entrepreneur with contagious energy and enthusiasm. She works as a scientific consultant at the Pure Ocean Foundation founded by David Sussmann, co-organizes the Planète Biodiv exhibition at the Parc Chanot ahead of Marseille's role as Capital of Biodiversity 2020, is part of the open-minders Friteam collective with which she gives training courses and leads workshops in collective intelligence, and leaves 1 month a year as a polar naturalist guide for the Ponant company. She is the mother of Nathan, 4, and Gaia, 1.


Fruitfal startup entrepreneur pour de futur de l'alimentation nourriture durable

Fruitfal has built and deployed a “conscious commerce” platform and apps that allow customers to buy quality daily perishables and have them delivered to their homes.

Startup entrepreneur pour une alimentation nourriture durable

Future Food is the first company to make chips from flax seeds, not potatoes or corn, so they have a familiar taste and look but are healthy.

Startup entrepreneur pour le futur de la mobilité evopods

EvoPods is a shared transportation system that allows users to transform, in a second, any bike into an electric, rapid, safe, fun and weatherproof vehicle.

Spark horizon - Portrait - climb 02

Spark Horizon accelerates the adoption of electric vehicle by creating city-wide free charging networks in all major metropolitan areas, allowing brands to sponsor sustainable infrastructure and reach high value audiences.

Myfoodstories - Startup alimentation durable

My Food Story enables great businesses to promote themselves by sharing the history of their products, and to build trust in their supply chain via storytelling and blockchain technology.

The edge company startup mobilité durable innvoation

The Edge Company is developing the Bird Concentration Monitoring System, which uses computer vision to detect, classify, and count birds, and to determine their trajectories and position in the 3D space, for use in flight safety, agriculture, and protected areas.

Le lionceau startup pour une alimentation durable

Le Lionceau aims to both improve the nutritional status of Senegalese babies through purees made from local organic raw materials and adapted to their nutritional needs, and to strengthen the Senegalese food value chain.

tale - innovation durable et sociale

Myrà is a mobile application dedicated to fairytales, fables and legends from around the world. In the form of a digital monthly, Myrà offers a large panel of innovative functionalities (dynamic text cutting, VR...) to create multisensory story experiences.

Morice - Startup alimentation durable innovation

Morice has created a broad choice of delicious rice-based alternatives to yogurts and creams, 100% organic and 100% natural, with a patented process.

beeing - logo - innovation

Beeing collects data both from professional beekeepers and urban beehives, creating a map of all pollinators’ activity, real-time honey production and bee health status.

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