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More than ever, organizations' development is tied to that of their leaders' level of consciousness.

The "new frontier" of leadership is internal.

Over three days of immersion, thecamp invites you to re-think and mobilize your rational and emotional but also spiritual – intelligence.


TIMELINE: 3 days at thecamp – January 10-12, 2019
PARTICIPANTS: 16 persons
Event in French

Plus que jamais, l’évolution des organisations est liée à celle du niveau de conscience de ses dirigeants
réinventer et mobiliser toutes vos intelligences : rationnelle, émotionnelle, mais aussi spirituelle.
Expérimentation d’outils de centrage et de méditation de pleine conscience (laïque), pour engager son attention et sa qualité de présence
Identifier et dénouer des problématiques par l’intelligence émotionnelle
Leadership retreat

Audience & Objectives

Company heads, executive committee members, entrepreneurs or senior managers.
All sectors.


 Refocus, regenerate oneself and renew one's commitment in order to initiate or continue a process of change

 Take a step sideways to gain inspiration and let radically new ideas emerge

 Disconnect from daily routine and the usual way of thinking

 Immerse oneself in a different time and space, meditate, re-connect with the fundamentals

 Join other business leaders to exchange among peers and take part jointly in a transformational experience



Three days comprising around a dozen transformative workshops based on the latest approaches to leadership:

 Theory U (an experiential change management method)

 Positive psychology

 Latest-generation coaching tools



Before the retreat – PREPARATION
Individual interview lasting 1½ hours to get the ball rolling and set out expectations clearly

A time for opening up, during which the present issues are put into perspective, with input from thecamp experts

Self-reflection, re-connection with one's inner aspirations and exploration of new horizons

Formalization and decision-making to return to one's life and professional environment with more force and impact



Romain Cristofini
Expert & facilitator - leadership - spiritual intelligence
Romain Cristofini
Stéphane Riot
Expert & facilitator - collective intelligence – new business models
Stéphane Riot
Emmanuel delannoy
Expert anthropocene - biodiversity
Emmanuel delannoy


Opportunity to let go in surroundings in which one can safely step out of one's comfort zone

Experimenting with centering tools, meditation and mindfulness to enhance attention and quality of presence

Self-exploration, reduction of ego, (re-)connection with inner aspirations and acceptance of strength/vulnerabilities… in order to open up an unsuspected space of action

Identify and solve issues using emotional intelligence

Total digital disconnection to better reconnect with self and others



(french only)

« J’ai monté ma tente, nous avons fait un feu, j’ai été réchauffé, j’ai été joyeux. Que c’était bon, ce camp de base pour monter vers d’autres, vers les autres, vers Soi. »
Stéphane Pujol – dirigeant de sociétés immobilières PUJOL

« Cette retraite a été pour moi une parenthèse enchantée. J’ai senti à chaque séquence, à chaque instant la réflexion, la maîtrise et l’expérience de nos deux facilitateurs. Merveilleux. Un grand merci ensoleillé. »
Margaux Sion – Harmonie Mutuelle - Groupe VYV - Responsable Développement du Leadership

« Un moment hors du temps, rencontre(s) avec soi, l’autre, déconnexion libératrice, reconnexion salvatrice. Profondeur et intériorité. Emotions, Relations, Liens. »
Hélène Sancerres – Cisco France - Directrice de la conduite du changement


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