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One week to learn about the Chinese transportation revolution in the fieldIntelligent vehicles, drones, new mobility platforms, and city transformation.

This Learning Expedition brings together committed leaders and key stakeholders in change on the theme of mobility in China. This trip to discover high-potential innovations and meet local specialists gives participants the chance to identify and put into practice opportunities for change within their organizations. 

Sustainable mobility - Mobilité durable

Audience & Objectives


Committed leaders from complementary backgrounds–major groups, SMEs, startups, public institutions...

In forming the group, we will apply two main principles when selecting participants:

Work involving mobility

→ Development targeting the Chinese market



Today, China represents 49% of the world's electric vehicle sales and its capital investment in startups specializing in artificial intelligence. Funding for developing autonomous vehicles runs into billions of dollars. Within such a context, this Learning Expedition enables participants to:

gain inspiration by projecting themselves into the future and change their practices and organizations

learn about and develop new business models

share good practices with their peers

meet new stakeholders and create new joint ventures in the field




Autonomous and electric vehicles, taxi drones, artificial intelligence, sharing economy… Here's the full program!


Before the Learning Expedition 

Dates to be confirmed


Phase 1 – START

1½ day workshop at thecamp
Dates to be confirmed

→ Understanding the mobility ecosystem in China

→ Understanding Chinese business culture

→ Practical preparation of the expedition


Phase 2 – IN THE FIELD

5 days from Shanghai to Beijing
March 11 to 18, 2019

→ Meetings with Chinese mobility stakeholders, including major groups and startups

→ Time for exploring, exchanging and working


Phase 3 – DEBRIEF

A personalized feedback
Dates to be confirmed

→ Digest the knowledge acquired during the expedition

→ Preparing the next steps



Benoît Bailliart  Director of the Lab, thecamp
Yasir Siddiqui – Innovation manager of the Lab, thecamp
Mathieu Hamel CEO, Innovation is Everywhere
Jonathan Reichental City of Palo Alto CTO, USA



Exploring technologies

Understanding how Ehang developed the first functioning drone taxis

Identifying and understanding the advantages offered by NIO and its premium electric vehicles

Understanding how SAIC Motors is reinventing its business model thanks to data


Exploring new uses

Understanding the Didi Smart Transportation Brain and how it uses AI to predict city traffic

Understanding how Alibaba uses big data to propose new mobility services

Understanding how the city of Shanghai is preparing for the future of mobility



→ Early bird: €8 800 / person
To be confirmed

→ Regular: €9 400 / person
To be confirmed

Prices include full board and internal travel but exclude international air fares and visas.

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