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“Our mission is to empower people and organizations
to embrace radical change, create a more sustainable world,
and more humane societies.”

We believe radical change offers unprecedented opportunities for humanity
if we learn how to embrace it.

The world as we know it is transforming at an exponential pace, compelling individuals, companies and governments to invent new ways of living.

How many houses or prosthetic ears have already been created thanks to 3D-printing? How long will it take before Hyperloop transports its first passengers? Not only can Artificial Intelligence predict the outcome of trials and effortlessly do the work of thousands of employees in logistics, AI is now able to design AI itself!

Looking at these transformations and challenges, we ask ourselves: “What is the future of humanity?” More specifically: “What can we do to make life different in a way that we choose?” We are creating thecamp to find out.

A haven for a community of creators to find groundbreaking and scalable solutions.

We are not building a school.
Nor launching a think-tank.

We are designing an ecosystem entirely dedicated to projects, where people of all cultures, generations and disciplines find an exceptional playground in which to grow and collaborate. A place where they will not only learn, but ideate, empathize, experience, prototype, and efficiently scale. A place that empowers them to have a positive impact, gives them the tools they need to tackle unparalleled complexity, shape a more sustainable world, and nurture more humane societies.

We want to reinvent our daily lives and environment while staying anchored in humanist values.

1Emerging technology
and innovation

We believe that intimate knowledge of the latest innovation – whether it being virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain or robotics – will allow us to create technology that serves people, and not the other way around.

2Living cities
and urban solutions

One of the main challenges of our time is to invent new urban models, rethink mobility, housing, energy, food production, last-mile issues, etc. Meaningful partnerships with public authorities and governments make real-life experimentation possible.