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thecamp Future(s) of Work exploration
Future of Work Experimentation

Let’s explore the future of work!

The world of work is changing, and too often, it can feel like all we can do is simply accept the changes, and try to adapt. How can we take back control, and make things evolve in a direction we actually want? Ingrid Kandelman, head of the Future(s) of Work exploration, unveils a program “made in thecamp” to respond to this challenge.

- Hey, Ingrid! Who is the Future(s) of Work exploration for?

The exploration is aimed at public and private organizations that, faced with strategic challenges, want to experiment with innovative solutions related to work practices.

To confront the challenges of performance, innovation and engagement, we frequently look to technology or leadership for solutions. But the Future(s) of Work exploration is building on the work of pioneers who believe that work is the key for addressing these challenges — that we need to take risks and run experiments with concrete, everyday, collective work.

The exploration is based on the idea that we need to give teams ways to invent their own work practices, that are adapted to their own context and culture, to achieve their goals.

We’re going to go beyond reflection and research — we’re going to test new approaches and tools, in real-life conditions!


- What will the exploration participants actually do?

Imagine, prototype and experiment!

Instead of just adapting to trends, the exploration’s partipants will be guided through developping and experimenting with solutions that embody the desirable future of work that they want to see take shape. They’ll contribute to a commons, and construct a collective expression of how they believe work can and should be transformed.

The Future(s) of Work exploration is composed of two programs:

The first is collaborative experimentation, which, starting this summer, will allow around ten companies to imagine, prototype and test pioneering solutions to reinvent the way they work. Horizontality, autonomy, raison d’être: from these three transformative forces at work, each participating organization will identify a strategic problem and a pilot team.

The goal could be to make a team more autonomous so that it can be more innovative, to get teams from different business units to work together, or to breathe new life into a group that’s been through several reorganizations… We’ll with each pilot team for 6 to 8 months to imagine solutions that are anchored in work practices: what do we need to invent and employ to embody these trends?

The second program is a research-action laboratory that will bring together experts for one year to examine two subjects: the future of social dialogue, and career choice/mobility.

The goal for us is to think of the future of work as a societal challenge, and not just one at the scale of organizations. It’s also thecamp’s role to be a unifying player who can get researchers, practitioners, public institutions, labor unions and nonprofits in the same room.

Each of these two topics (social dialogue and career choice) will have about twenty experts working on it for the year, with three main phases:

  • A design fiction session, a method that allows us to ask questions in unusual ways, by mobilizing fictional scenarios;
  • A series of creative sprints to formalize the outlines of new models: who are the players, who are the contributors, the beneficiaries, what tools, in what structure…
  • A prototyping phase to give shape to the solutions imagined by the experts: proof of concept, application, training plan, manifesto, bill…

Obviously, what comes out of these two programs is meant to resonate well beyond our working groups. That’s why, in addition to a commons to make all of our deliverables and methodologies accessible to the public, we’re organizing an event in Paris, with Le Monde and Usbek et Rica, to share these reflections and experiments.


- What differentiates the approach of this exploration?

First of all, the support we offer! It doesn’t exist anywhere else. You can find training, consulting or market research elsewhere… but the Future(s) of Work exploration is a program, methods and an ecosystem that we ensure the quality of, which are made available to participants to give them everything they need to invent desirable futures and go all the way to operational solutions that we can deploy.

Our program is also unique because it includes multiple partners, from different horizons : from Air France, to the French unemployment agency Pôle Emploi, to Vyv... Different professions and organizations meeting and sharing makes the exploration richer.

And finally, we focus on the collective. When we think about the future of work, we usually look at the individual as the primary player. But we believe that it’s teams that need a boost.


Interested in the exploration? Learn more and contact us!

Ingrid Kandelman
Head of the Future(s) of Work Exploration
Ingrid Kandelman