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Michel Frisque montagne
Management Agility

Michel Frisque – “Pour aller aux sommets, il faut être attentif aux autres”

We’re climbing Mont Blanc and discovering human behavior with Michel Frisque, mountain guide and coach, in this episode of Les Explorateurs.
[Podcast in French]

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Les Explorateurs (The Explorers) is a podcast about how real people are making the future they want to live in. You'll hear bite-sized immersive stories recorded at thecamp.

Michel Frisque is a mountain guide, entrepreneur and coach. He is the founder of WINPEAKS and an ambassador of thecamp. For the last 25 years, he has helped company managers and their teams transform themselves to create a more desirable future. Speaker, author and a specialist of learning by doing, he also works on educational transition projects with young people, the future leaders of positive change.