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Sustainable Development

One Aim: Zero Non-recycled Waste!

To attain our objective of zero non-recycled waste, we are working with the Marseille-based start-up RECOUBRA, which is aiming to revolutionize the management and recycling of commercial waste.

By sorting 13 separate types of trash (cardboard, paper, plastic and metal containers, e-waste, plastic film, glass, light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges, pallets, cleaning waste and even… cigarette butts!), thecamp is putting the circular economy at the center of its actions.

When you smoke a cigarette on campus, the cigarette butt is recycled into plastic objects!

We have no disposable cups or plastic bottles on the campus; refillable water bottles and drinking fountains are provided, to avoid unnecessary waste. Campers' role in helping us attain this objective is vital!