November 10

Hello! We are pleased to announce that thecamp letters will now be published twice a month,  offer shorter formats and focus on a specific theme. In this newsletter, you can:

Read about the CNRS+MIT symposium supported by thecamp / discover who recently took a tour of the construction site / see the highlights of our trip to Stanford University / get inspired by our visit to H-FARM in Italy.

Building an inspiring ecosystem

For months, we have been working on a visible and physical construction site: wood, concrete, dust, workers... But we are also working on less tangible yet invaluable matters, such as building meaningful relationships with the many partners who will contribute to thecamp's ecosystem. These past weeks have been particularly rich in global events, meetings, intense discussions, inspiring discoveries and friendly encounters.
On October 21, as previously announced, the "second round" of the joint CNRS+MIT symposium supported by thecamp was held in Paris after last March Boston session. Dedicated to remodelling urban design, this fundamentally interdisciplinary event allowed us to exchange with top-level French and international researchers, and question the reciprocal inputs brought by both "hard" and "social" sciences to different urban models.
In-depth study on main urban issues (pollution, traffic, housing, urban heat islands, discrimination, governance...) consistently brings richer perspectives thanks to the power of (big) data. CUSP's work in NYC is a great example of what can be achieved. Gathering data from app. 100 local government agencies led to the creation of a powerful analytical tool, which was enlightning in terms of local public policy and created fantastic economic opportunities.
The symposium's conclusions addressed methodology improvements in order to move forward, reach even more effective (re)modelling and concrete urban solutions. Stay tuned for the next edition in 2017.
Left to rigth, Pr Thorsten Emig, Pr Masoud Ghandehari & Antoine from thecamp
This symposium was a great occasion to welcome Professors Masoud Ghandehari and Thorsten Emig on thecamp's construction site. Respectively Associate Professor at the Center For Urban Science and Progress & Senior Research Scientist at MIT, both were enthused by their visit and the possible partnerships to be established between thecamp, CUSP and MIT, more specifically in the fields of data science and big data.
thecamp also took off for a short trip to California and spent a few days at Stanford University. Stanford is exemplary in terms of community building and interdisciplinarity, and we thrived being part of campus life during our stay, witnessing incredible energy at work and unstoppable enthusiasm. It was once again an ideal opportunity to present thecamp in the heart of the Silicon Valley, gain momentum within the local ecosystem, and meet foresight and innovation experts to discuss educational bots or learning platforms.
And finally, on October 25, we travelled to H-FARM in Italy. We were near Venice, not far from an airport and a train station, right in the middle of fields, on a campus surrounded by startups, students, designers, a vegetable patch, vinyards... happy to visit very nearby cousins: same vision, same desire, same spirit. We shared ideas, compared concepts, imagined synergies and projects, encouraged each other's dreams... and will be meeting up again very soon with this key actor within Southern Europe. More to follow!
H-FARM, set up on an historical farm estate overlooking the Venice lagoon, facilitates the creation of projects that simplify the use of digital tools and services for people and companies.