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"How can we contribute to a better world?"
Walter Baets talks about thecamp's Transformational Journeys.

Our current reality

The reality of a complex world with growing inequalities, and in which technology moves at its own pace – an exponential pace for which we're not always prepared – brings us to ask ourselves: "How may life become different?" And more specifically, "How may we make it different?"
Answering this question in the most concrete way possible is at the center of what we do, every day.
After a successful international career in innovative education, Walter Baets left South Africa to join thecamp. For the past months, Walter and his team have been designing "Transformational Journeys": personalized experiences to empower private and public leaders to embrace radical change.

Watch Walter Baets share his thoughts on Transformational Journeys:

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What are Transformational Journeys made of?

Transformational Journeys are based on a few essential principles:
   01  Transformation takes time
   02  We learn by doing
   03  A nourishing ecosystem is key
   04  Interactions with peers lead to long-lasting, efficient solutions
   05  The learner designs his/her own learning trajectory
... and they are designed to develop various competencies on multiple levels, through complementary activities: personal competencies (Agility, Emotional intelligence...); values & purpose (Humanism, Sense making...); innovation skills (New media literacy, Computational thinking...); disruptive technologies & models (IoT, Future cities...).
There will be no "typical day" for Transformational Journeys, since schedules will be mainly project-based and vary from one camper to another, constantly evolving according to the participants' progression and choices.
Another "plastic" aspect of the TJs will be the many thematic workshops one will be able to attend. Digital art, Storytelling, Sustainable mobility, Biomimicry, Scenario building, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual reality and gaming... are just a few examples.
Partners' workshop on Transformational Journeys

Global talents at work

Walter surrounded himself with a high-performing, international and diverse team dedicated to educational matters within thecamp:

Course design and business development will be lead by both Irina Brouwer and Tuba Foto. Before joining thecamp, Irina, a Russian national, led design, facilitation and management of collaborative breakthrough at Deloitte Greenhouse Southern Africa. Tuba, a graduate from Kedge BS, both Turkish and French, worked as a strategy consultant in sectors as diverse as FMCG, ship maintenance, industrial goods, energy and technology.

Erna Oldenbloom, an accomplished specialist in creativity, health and transformation originally from the Netherlands, will dedicate her listening capacity and constant awareness of group's interaction to tailor thecamp's personal development programs.

Finally, the online pedagogical platform accompanying campers in their journey is being designed by Christopher Hosken, a social innovator from South Africa who believes in inclusive models of education. Among other things, Chris was partner and former Chief of Development for GetSmarter – Africa's largest online education company.

Walter Baets tells you a little more:

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"If I imagine thecamp in five years, the real test will be the way people deal with innovation and projects in their companies and in their lives. Positive impact will come from changed mindsets and the number of successful projects that thecamp will have supported."
– Walter Baets