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Pass Workshops


The factors in changing the world are numerous and systemic. To fully understand the scope of this change, thecamp has designed a training program that gives access to its ecosystems and to workshops that allow participants to prepare themselves in an agile way for the challenges of tomorrow, both individually and as an organization.

The Pass workshops look at four key issues for the coming decades:
- Major changes in the world, disruption and discontinuity
- Leadership and new organizations
- Mindset and tools for creativity
- An entrepreneurial spirit for a positive impact


PERIOD: A subscription to between 5 and 10 workshops over 12 months
PARTICIPANTS: One or several persons from a same organization

Audience & Objectives

Senior managers, public and private-sector professionals, entrepreneurs, post-graduates… Anyone wishing to better understand the future taking shape in order to act – non-expert on the chosen subject.


Discover new challenges or increase knowledge in domains connected to change in the world and in organizations
Discover the impact of these changes on yourself and on society, and identify your own levers for action
Restore or reinforce optimism to act and become a stakeholder in change by moving out of your comfort zone
Acquire new methods for analyzing and/or guidelines to be replicated in your organization
Solve problems collectively



Each workshop offers a complete learning experience –intellectual, emotional, experiential and practical– through different phases of presentation, conversation, Q&A, exercises, role-playing… repeated several times each year to adapt to individual schedules.

Each workshop lasts one day, from 8.45 am until 6pm, with small groups of a dozen people from varied backgrounds –thus furthering cross-fertilization– and guided by one or more experts.

The workshop themes evolve over time, enriching their diversity and allowing a renewal of content in real time.

Pass participants can build their own training program by choosing the workshops attended, either around a central theme (selecting several workshops to enhance knowledge of the subject) or on a pick-and-choose basis (letting themselves be guided by their desire to discover new subjects).

They also have the option of staying overnight or several days even at thecamp in the campus accommodation unit.


Contributors with diverse and often unique backgrounds and profiles, recognized in their respective fields: experts, consultants, lecturers, entrepreneurs, engineers, biologists, facilitators…



Pass formation transformation digitale education
Pass formation transformation digitale education
Pass formation transformation digitale education
Pass formation transformation digitale education


In order to sign up for a specific workshop, you first need to subscribe to the Pass. This will give you access to a mandatory registration code.

For tips on how to sign up, read this section.




The Pass is flexible and modular, adapting to each person's needs and allowing participants to:

Learn how to project themselves into the future by mastering new uses/trends and to re-think their business in the light of new models
Entirely customize their process of change, both in its content and timeline
Learn how to un-learn by approaching topics from a different angle
Exchange in more depth with peers on good practices that can be applied on a daily basis



In order to sign up to a specific workshop, you will need the registration code received when you subscribed to the Pass. Just follow these steps!

1. Estimate the numbers of workshops you're interested in. 

2. Decide whether you need accommodation at thecamp the night before the workshop (workshops start at 8:30 am).

3. Send an email with all this information to:

4. Receive a quote from thecamp.

5. Sign and return the quote in order to receive the registration code. 




Mélanie Tournade
Learning Program Manager
Mélanie Tournade
Maëlle Beltas
Business Developer
Maëlle Beltas
Julie Thines
Head of Learning & Programs Director
Julie Thines



"The Pass gave me an insight into artificial intelligence, the challenges and the role we can play in the changes under way. It's a militant, fascinating and stimulating approach. The workshops provide a good balance between varied content and motivating teaching methods." - Participant in the Radical Innovation Using Artificial Intelligence workshop


"A must-do, a slap in the face, a real conscience-awakener that makes you want to become more involved in preserving the planet and inventing a more virtuous world." - Participant in the Concrete Actions for Choosing Our Future workshop


"I explored a new way of collaborating with tools that are easy to put in place. It made me want to collaborate again when I'd given up on it." - Participant in the Reasons and Methods for Collaborating workshop


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