Inspired by a visionary founder, we are an eclectic team weaving a unique private/public network to co-create by our side.

Frédéric Chevalier, President and Founder of thecamp, dreamt of this place for years before bringing it to life. Conscious of its potential and willing to make this general interest project magnificent, he surrounded himself with talented individuals and top level founding partners from diverse strategic sectors.

Fabien Albert

aka the Experimentor

Urban Lab Coordinator

Sofiane Ammar

aka the Rocket

Head of the Startup Accelerator

Stéphanie Ampart

aka the Fairy Activist

Head of Youth Camp Experiences & Thematic Summits

Walter Baets

aka the Alchemist

Head of Education and Transformational Journeys

Benoît Bailliart

aka the Urbanizer

Head of the Urban Lab

Jean-Philippe Bosquer

aka the Framework

Infrastructure Architect

Tamzin Bourgier

aka the Eye & Time

In charge of Events

Irina Brouwer

aka the Breakthrough

Education Business Developer

Adélaïde Cazali

aka the Scribe

Communications & Copywriter

Corinne Chauffrut-Werner

aka the Catalyst

Creativity & Collaboration Catalyst

Frédéric Chevalier

aka the Origin

Founder & President

Jean-Marc Cibella

aka the Solution

Technical Management

Benjamin Ciotti

aka the System

Head of IT

Pauline Cornus

aka the Spirit

Youth Camp Experiences Project Manager

François Creton

aka the Brick & Mortar

Head of the Building Program

Solène Dargaud

aka the Swiss Knife

Creative Program Designer

Ousmane Diallo

aka the Spider

Product & Delivery Manager

Guillaume Fichefeux

aka the Edge

Head of Co-innovation

Tuba Foto

aka the Listener

Education Business Developer

Marion Follin

aka the Data Freak

Product Owner & CRM

Julien Gérardot

aka the Artist

Artistic Director

Emmanuelle Hartmann

aka the Cool

Youth Camp Experiences Consultant

Chris Hosken

aka the Platformer

In charge of the Learning Platform

Thomas Houdaille

aka the Network

Head of Private Partnerships

Isabelle Jacobs

aka the Bookkeeper


Ingrid Kandelman

aka the Spark Maker

Co-innovation Consultant

Valérie Lambert

aka the Treasure

Administration & Finance

Julien Ledoux

aka the Code-Breeder

Lead Developer

Antoine Meunier

aka the Rise

Head of Communications and Media

Lionel Minassian

aka the Weaver

Head of Public Partnerships

Marina Rachline

aka the Challenger

Head of Grand Challenges

Géraldine Ricour

aka the Developer

Education Business Developer

Nadia Trainar

aka the Astrolabe

In charge of Urban Studies and Local Experiments

Eric Viennot

aka the Creator

Head of the Hive

André Zollinger

aka the Scout

Head of International Relations

Sylvia Andriantsimahavandy

aka the Combinator

Head of the Hive

Maëlle Mezaber

aka the Bee

Hive Community Builder

Pierrick Rousset-Rivière

aka the Nerve

Grand Challenges Project Manager

Yasir Siddiqui

aka the Executor

Urban Lab Project Manager

Florence Orillard

aka the Finder

Professional PhD student in Urban Sciences

Nolwen Berthier

aka the Flower

Sustainable Development

Barbora Husarova

aka the Gem

Office Manager

Denis Parisot

aka the Money and the Law

Head of Finance & Legal

A three-dimensional governance

We want thecamp to be more than just the sum of its parts.
That is why we chose an open governance model where all members of the community contribute and evolve together.


Advisory Board

President: Jean-Paul Bailly, also Honorary President of Groupe La Poste

A group of incredibly skilled, diverse, and eminent experts and young talents who will meet at thecamp once per year to evaluate progress, help select startups and partners, and provide crucial intellectual input for thecamp’s general direction in the coming years.


Management Team

President: Frédéric Chevalier, also President and founder of Groupe HighCo

Defines strategy and resources, takes action to grow thecamp’s ecosystem. Reports to the Advisory Board and coordinates the Steering Committee.


Steering Committee

Membership formed from private and public founding partners, and associated partners

Plays a role in thecamp’s strategic management and is responsible for setting up thematic work groups making operational recommendations to be acted upon by the Management Team.

They’re building thecamp with us

Our partners

Private sector

Public sector