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Participate in real-life projects, become more agile through prototyping and experimentation.

Acquire new skills enjoying cutting-edge resources to experience disruptive technology and exponential growth.

Transformational journeys

Personalized experiences to empower private and public leaders to act in complexity and drive systemic transformation.

> 6 formats


Organic innovation approaches, methodologies and problem-solving to create economic, environmental and societal value.

> 2 formats

Startup acceleration

A startup accelerator to fund and give exposure to the most promising entrepreneurs, propelling breakthrough innovation.

> 20 startups

Urban lab

A neutral go-between for private / public stakeholders to transform territories and cities through on-site experimentation and scaling of sustainable, humane innovation.

> 4 partnerships

Thematic summits

Collaborative summits to share and spread the knowledge, values and new initiatives that will inspire individuals to transform the world.

> 2 formats

The hive

Disruptive residency format for agile teams of students, artists, coders and designers to open up new, audacious creative paths.

> 5 teams

Youth Camp Experiences

Action camps to introduce younger generations to world challenges and allow them to become active change-makers of our future.

> 3 formats