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Collectively exploring the future of organizations and generating new paradigms implies experimenting with new methods of collaboration. 

To come together and create ties that will allow us to innovate in a different way, using collective intelligence, thecamp has designed a range of atypical courses for individuals and organizations that use creative devices

such as parallel conceptualization, bodystorming and pretotyping, whispered debating, silent networking, visualization of the future, dream acceleration, anti-selfies, failing dinners… 

In order to adapt to your issues and innovation challenges, we designed 5 different paths with varied objectives and formats. Each of them can be fine-tuned to meet your needs. 


Futuring Design

To immerse yourself in the world of tomorrow, create fictional scenarios and explore desirable futures.

Agile Walk

To discover behavioral and managerial agility and prepare for organizational change.


Critical Moment

To bring out co-workers' creative skills in the light of positive-impact issues.

Blockchain Bootcamp

To train and boost teams in the field of blockchain technology in order to bring about change in the organization.


Organizational Design

To develop methods of working that promote innovation and fulfillment within the organization.