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Outlook shapes action.
And disruptions at work in the world are a wonderful opportunity for changing.

With this program, executive and management committee members will be able to question the current models and develop new goals in the light of the huge human, social and technological upheavals ahead.


TIMELINE: 48 hours at thecamp
PARTICIPANTS: 8 to 15 persons from one or more organizations

Audience & Objectives

Company heads, executive and management committee members.
All sectors.


Position your organization and business in tomorrow's world.

Identify the internal paradigms that need changing.

Transcend representations and blur perceptions to bring teams into line.

Set out strategic avenues of action both internally and externally.



Period 1 – The organization's internal functioning paradigms

  • Contextualization: 3D modeling of the organization.
  • Inspiration via a content gallery (organization, governance, agility, leadership, commons…).
  • Questioning and identifying the connections / paradoxes.
  • Highlighting and sharing the paradoxes.
  • Conclusion and commitment to concrete action


Period 2 – Tension in the face of technological upheaval

  • Projection into the external future of one's organization.
  • Inspiration via a content gallery (new technologies, targets, social context…).
  • Questioning links with one's organization.
  • Highlighting and sharing paradoxes.
  • Conclusion and commitment to concrete action.




→ Gain inspiration through an immersive, intense-format foray into the future, daytime and evening.

→ Take advantage of self-learning periods thanks to the "galleries" (paths leading to images, textual content, videos, object… from atypical angles)

→ Exchange with key figures in one's organization on a peer-to-peer basis in a conducive environment.

→ Obtain support from a team of facilitators in collective intelligence to clarify, bring out ideas and avenues for reflection.

→ Set out strategic orientations for changing one's business that are concrete and immediately applicable.


→ List of avenues for transforming your business (internally and externally).

→ A barometer for following up the actions identified and measuring the distance covered post-program.

"Knowledge" deliverables:

→ Making participants aware of the subjects covered by the galleries, in particular emerging technologies.

→ Introduction to facilitation techniques (divergence, convergence, modeling etc.)



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