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Future(s) of work: from imagination to action


How will artificial intelligence impact your company’s jobs? How can you win the loyalty of high-performing employees? How can you create a sense of purpose to better engage colleagues? How can you evolve toward new organizational models?

To kickstart the transformation of your organization, the "Future(s) of work: from imagination to action" program offers your executive team time to step back and look at current mutations in new ways. And allows you, collectively, to give a new impetus to your organization’s tranformation.


DURATION: 48 hours at thecamp
: An executive team (6 to 12 people), capable of constituting a working group
NEXT SESSION: July 11-12, 2019 (intercompany, with up to 4 executive teams participating)

Formation management manager futur du travail


Construct a collective roadmap toward a desirable future of work.




The future of work is a popular topic, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally clear. Tomorrow, will we be idle, or augmented? Entrepreneurs, or obsolete?

Reports, analyses, reflection groups and prospection have given us many different answers. And for a good reason: the future is resolutely uncertain. Every solution is temporary.

But in the meantime, you need to attract new talents, find more flexible and productive ways to work, encourage creativity and innovation, and create new working groups.

Instead of just adapting to trends, thecamp invites you to explore what’s possible and create your own path.



Day 1: Imagination at work

By confronting different types of representations of work (cultural, historical, fictional…), you’ll recenter the way you look at the “object” of work. These representations will allow you to interrogate your own vision of work and your own organizational methods, and re-interrogate the challenges that are most important to you.

Day 2: Taking steps toward a desirable future of work

The encounters between different expert points of view will allow you to see the tensions linked to new ways of work and their impact on your organization. You will be able to identify the challenges to address, and formalize an action plan.



Over the two days, thecamp ensures that the most effective methods and experts for allowing you to achieve the goals are available to you, in particular through:

• A variety of experts selected with regard to your questions, and a variety of formats (talks, quizzes, reading…);

• Facilitation that allows you to work on yourself, to generate a high-quality collective discussion so as to land on an action plan with elements attributed to different participants.

If possible, it’s recommended to participate in this program at the same time as other executive teams. In this case, the program is augmented by peer-to-peer discussion during specific periods.



A visualization of the tension points, positive or negative, between coming transformations and your company.

Potential actions to take to give new impetus to your transformation.

A team that’s bonded together and committed to a shared vision of the challenges.



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A unique 48-hour immersion

Over 2 days and 2 nights at thecamp, you will have a change of posture from the very first evening. You break with routine in a place that resembles no other. This break encourages letting go, opening one’s mind and the emergence of new ideas.

A program that encourages mobilization and discussion

The experience is designed to facilitate quality discussion, between members of your team and with the other teams present, to arrive at an individual and collective commitment to an action plan. Inspiration “kiosks” will allow you to see things differently and ask questions from atypical angles.

An inspiring place anchored in nature

Every aspect of the on-campus experience was designed with sustainability, the local natural setting, and well-being in mind. Additional activities (meditation, yoga, running in the pine forest…) are offered to reinforce interpersonal links.


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