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Develop an organization’s innovation potential thanks to its co-workers.
Future of Work Startup
Enable peer sharing and continued improvement within complex system for better learning and collaboration.
January 2017
Project lead
Benoît Louazel
Co-founder of Uppeer, in charge of partenerships
Benoît Louazel
Baptiste Dumeurger
Co-founder of Uppeer
Baptiste Dumeurger
Project details

The world of work is changing and organizations are becoming more and more agile to fulfil their clients’ needs. Uppeer is a tool that allows teams to quickly adapt and create sustainable value in complex and changing environments.

Using various features, (messaging app, dashboard…) co-workers can exchange ideas and convert any operational action into a learning opportunity. The platform’s automation element fosters collaboration and continued improvement within companies.

  • 2017: Uppeer was created
  • January 15-April 15, 2018: Participation in the Climb#01 Acceleration program
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