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Aix Smart Places
Breathing new life into urban planning with data: an experiment in the center of Aix-en-Provence.
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Aix Smart places

Inspired by the "Réinventons nos Places" (re-invent our squares) initiative in Paris, the project collects urban data from around Aix-en-Provence (noise, traffic, pollution, temperature, people's opinion…) to improve residents' and users' well-being.

May 2017
Project lead
Project details

Connected equipment with micro-sensors set up in several locations across Aix-en-Provence collects 5 main types of data: air quality, heat islands, noise, pedestrian traffic and intelligent lighting.

The collected data is then passed to city hall with the aim of improving citizens' quality of life. It provides a pertinent view, since it is based on an assessment and the shared objectives in local urban planning policy decision-making.

Once the data has been processed, it will be shared with Aix-en-Provence residents and city users by way of experiments -artistic in particular- in the city center. These will eventually enable the development of open innovation programs to create new services or products and programs to encourage self-reliance so that citizens themselves can find solutions to the problems facing their city! 

May 2017 - April, 2018: Phase 1. Set-up of the experiment's technical foundations and initial usage cases (configuring infrastructure, installing sensors, implementing data feedback models).

May, 2018 - End 2018: Phase 2. 

- Use of the collected data to provide solutions to the problems identified by the city and residents' feedback. 

- Extension of usage cases.

- Set-up of a living lab to share and co-create with residents around the experiment.

- Call for projects to find new innovating start-ups to "enhance" the experience and develop solutions to the identified problems.

- Organizing of a datathon to explore new useful services for the residents/city.

- Deployment of the connected hives project to create a "bio-indicator" for the quality of the environmental by studying the behavior of bees.

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