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A "telepresence of the driver" system for autonomous vehicles.
Startup Mobility Autonomous vehicule
Supported by Village by CAAP
Lextan : mobilité durable
Improve urban mobility by operating autonomous logistical vehicles remotely.
July 2017
Project lead
Project details

Lextan offers Autopod, an electric, semi-autonomous vehicle dedicated to delivering merchandise in urban areas. Its autopilot can manage simple routes in environments created for it. In complex situations, a remote operator takes control so as to best drive the vehicle. Also, the visual and audio presence of the operator is reproduced on board the Autopod so it can interact naturally with people near the vehicle. In this way, the operator can manage a large number of driving operations for a fleet of Autopods, spread out over a large area, all while maintaining interactions with other users of the road.

April - July 2019

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #03 acceleration program

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