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Grow your business and develop new ideas alongside a new generation of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Supporting radical innovation is a key aspect of change. As a place of encounters and cross-pollination, thecamp connects diverse and mission-driven entrepreneurs willing to build more inclusive and sustainable companies focusing on mobility, food, education, health, energy, and people empowerment.

Through personalized programs offering different paths – all co-produced with Le Village by CA Alpes Provence – startups and talented individuals benefit from the training, mentoring and funding they need to create economic, social and environmental value.


The startups we host totally embody the kind of future we want to create together. Led by motivated entrepreneurs fully dedicated to projects aiming to create a positive impact, they all share a common DNA. 

If they develop innovative technologies, it’s always with humanity and living things at the center of their concerns, since their objective is to build a sustainable and inclusive future. 


The more entrepreneurs are diverse and connected to the rest of the world, the more they will build inclusive and sustainable companies.

The programs we offer correspond to the different stages of an startup’s creation and development, from incubation to acceleration.

Turn teens ideas into concrete and innovative projects
Labster week
Helping young entrepreneurs, with or without qualifications, make the step from idea to project.

Critical moment to discover your positive impact potential
Providing corporates with the means to put projects into action within their organization.