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Awaken your senses to make space for inspiration and new discoveries.

thecamp couldn’t flourish in an ordinary location.

It had to be embodied in a one-of-a-kind architectural project.

thecamp is exemplary in terms of aesthetics, innovation, environmental performance & landscape integration.
Award-winning architect Corinne Vezzoni designed thecamp as a concept location, an “Object-World” akin to an UFO that has landed in Provence, powerfully encompassing the campus’ ambitions.

It was conceived as a real life showroom where new technologies and innovations are demonstrated and used by campers. It also offers outstanding resources to both accelerate and decelerate: maker-lab, VR and AI-labs, innovative sports amenities, meditation areas, open theater, experimental vegetable patch...

Droning thecamp

We 3d-scanned thecamp's construction site thanks to over 1000 drone snapshots.

Advanced photogrammetry software uses images to create professional orthomosaics, point clouds, maps and models.

The architect’s story

Corinne vezzoni

“Finding a place where everyone can enjoy an exceptional learning environment.”

Key Figures

Useful and useless but all interesting numbers

Canopy structure / incubators

Surface of the canopy: 6 729 m²
Number of pylons: 24
Metal structure: 528 linear meters
Structure’s tonnage: 600 tons
Making of one pylon: 300 hours of work
Number of bolts: 7 560
Canopy’s average height: 10 m
Duration of studies related to the canopy (wind/snow/rain/comfort): 8 months
Volume of rain collected: 250 m³/h of rainwater per impluvium


Surface: 7 ha
Number of initial trees: 272
Number of future trees: 272
Delta height top/bottom: 12 m
Building impact on ground: 5640 m² (8 % of the ground’s surface)


-20% on housing
-40% on incubators

Development & workforce

18 months study before launching construction
18 months construction
Maximum number of people working on the construction site: 140

Housing buildings

Wooden floors: 3 453 m²
Outdoor walkway wooden floors: 1 944 m²
Wooden indoor dividing walls: 3 162 m²
Wooden poles: 804 lm
Wooden beams: 1 154 lm
Openwork wooden façade: 13 110 lm
Wooden cladding: 1 342 m²


Concrete: 4 167 m³ of casted concrete
Incubators’ curved glass surface: 1 943 m²
Vegetal rooftop on housing building 1: 465 m²
Number of doors: 405


Weight of the project 3D-file (Archicad): 2 Go
Weight of architect data since sketching: 422 Go
Weight of exchanged data: 10 To