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Bivy camps

From Digital Native to Digital Citizen

"Fast and Curious" week-long stays at thecamp to energize your talents, curiosity and creativity through a collective experience, in a place where we explore the future.

Taking their inspiration from the bivouac and American summer camp, the Bivy Camps provide teenagers aged 14 to 18 with an opportunity to reflect on the role of new technologies in addressing the environmental, economic and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

This unique experience, which re-invents the traditional summer camp, is co-designed by the project's young people, organizers and activist stakeholders.

The Bivy Camps thus provide teenagers with a fast track to finding their motivation, acquiring tools and revealing their ability to act.

Bivy camp - explore the future with teens


What if all young people saw themselves as committed eco-citizens?

What if artificial intelligence was at the service of collective intelligence?

What if we put our faith in self-confidence and respect for others?

What if an inter-generational and cross-disciplinary playing field provided a better basis for tackling the key issues of tomorrow?


Bivy camp - explore the future with teens


Full details about the 2019 program are coming soon!

In July 2018, three one-week Bivy Camps were held at thecamp. During these immersive stays, we welcomed a total of 49 pioneers, while achieving our social and gender diversity goals.

The Bivy Campers participated in workshops run by experts and by members of thecamp’s ecosystem in order to better understand, debate, and work together to encourage solutions, renew our vision of the current world and to better prepare for the future. They shared skills for living, doing and creating, focusing on three key topics: the future of work, the future of the city and the future of neighborhoods.

Examples of activities: workshops to develop projects and creativity, workshops at the FabLab, nocturnal hike, meetings with French and international experts about the future, media sessions (video, public speaking…), lunch with thecamp ecosystem, sports escape game…

These three unforgettable weeks were devoted to discovery, commitment, action and fun.




Registration for the 2019 Bivy Camps will open soon!

Above all, we want to welcome motivated teenagers, whatever their family's level of income. This is why we’ve put in place partnerships with local associations and a financial aid system for families unable to bear the cost of the program.


Bivy camp - explore the future with teens

Practical info


Each Bivy Camp lasts 7 days, from Sunday to Saturday, with 6 nights spent at thecamp.

Accommodations and Sports Facilities

Taking inspiration from bivouac shelters, the teenagers will be housed in fun and comfortable tents designed by our partners Lotus Experiences, set in natural surroundings.

They have access to all the sports facilities on the campus: supervised swimming pool, beach volleyball court, multi-sports pitch, pétanque and walking trails.


In line with the association’s values, we design our programs to allow for equal participation of girls and boys, as well as social diversity.


thecamp is a base camp for exploring an exciting, human and sustainable future. The question of sustainability is an essential factor in our thought process and actions, which is why we have chosen to explore nutrition that has the least possible impact on our planet and living beings, positive nutrition with no meat or fish.

The meals provided are balanced and put together in keeping with nutritional principles – they look good and taste good!

Make a Donation

For those who wish to, we propose a free and willful participation in the form of a community donation that will help the association involve other young people at reduced cost to them. Contact us to find out more.

Support a family


Bivy camp - explore the future with teens