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A bold vision for the future materializes in the south of France!
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Explorateur de thecamp
Explorateur de thecamp


When our founder Frédéric Chevalier initiated this project in 2013, he was repeatedly told he was crazy. He kept hearing things like “It will never work”. It took years for him to bring together likeminded dreamers, adventurers & pioneers to create thecamp.


Today, we are an entire ecosystem of explorers. We work with about 20 private and public international founding partners, and many organizations of experimenters and disrupters.

Our profiles complement each other: new-generation creative types (designers, digital, artists, mixed-media artists, programmers),

entrepreneurs, post-graduate students, international researchers and experts, small company directors, CEOs of major groups, professionals from the private and public sectors, senior managers on training courses, young people, children…


Every day, people from all walks of life will be stationed in our base camp, for a few days or a few months. You can join thecamp too!


Meet the crew

A quest

A vision


Our challenge is to f­ind new approaches to universal issues, and to aggregate people and projects driven by the same will and excitement for the future!


For thousands of years, people have had the same concerns: What will we eat tomorrow? How will we learn? What will it be like to age? How will we go from one place to another? At what speed? Using what energy? ...


What awaits us, humans? How is life going to be tomorrow?


A mission

We believe emerging technology and social innovation are game-changing levers to explore futures we want to live in!


From our base camp, we are launching all kinds of missions trailblazing possible paths for tomorrow, prototyping solutions thanks to collective intelligence. Our compass? A humanist dimension. We orient ourselves in 4 main directions: inspiration, transformation, co-creation and impact.

Our hope is that the discoveries we’ll make along the way will help us shape the future of food, health, mobility, energy, education, the environment... and the many other destinations we want to reach in our quest to make world changes positive for people and the planet!


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Basecamp thecamp

A base camp

Launching this kind of exploratory mission takes time, resources, and a friendly environment you can rely on as you’re getting ready to venture into the unknown. That’s exactly why we built thecamp.


Whoever you are, if you want to explore inclusive and sustainable solutions for the world and our future, there’s a place for you here.


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