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A talk about how to break free from ideologies and narrow-mindedness, think differently, challenge yourself and destroy norms.

“Too often, we take for granted things that we don’t actually agree with.”

Philosopher Julia de Funès made her name by denouncing, with her uncompromising style, the absurdities and hypocrisies of the working world. In her most recent book, (Im)Personal Development: The Success of a Sham (Le développement (im)personnel, Succès d’une imposture – published by L’Observatoire, 2019), she skewers the “recipes” for self-help promoted by certain coaches.

In this talk, she will address more generally the delicate and crucial question: how can we make management more human?

In the current moment, many of us are looking for the best answers on this topic. Julia de Funès insists on the values that companies need to be founded on and the skills that they need to develop in their managers, to reduce the discontent that undermines employees’ morale and motivation. She offers ways to escape from current ideologies and narrow-mindedness. “Too often,” she says, “we take for granted things that we don’t actually agree with.” She invites us to think differently, to challenge ourselves, in order to better destroy norms. For her, the term “human” shouldn’t be understood as angelic. We need to differentiate ourselves from robots that will do tasks much better than we can.

It’s up to us to transform ourselves, collectively, to avoid becoming automatons!

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Future of Work Management
Date & Time

    550 rue Denis Papin, La Duranne
    Aix-en-Provence 13100



    Doors open

    [19:00 - 20:30]

    Talk by Julia de Funès

    [20:30 - 21:30]

    Stick around for more conversation at thecamp’s bar

    Ticket: 15€ / person

    Free parking, carpooling encouraged

    Bar open, payment by card only

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