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Learn how to read situations differently and better understand sources of inefficiency and conflict within your organization so as to more effectively respond.

The world we live in challenges us every day with an enormous amount of complexity. We are overloaded by information and accelerated change. Our planet and society face major challenges—systemic breakdowns created from unmanaged complexity—ranging from global warming to the international drug trade. We, as humans, have the tendency to increase the complexity of these systems to a level we alone cannot absorb or demystify. Emerging in the 60s in Palo Alto, California, Systems Theory is a way of tackling this complexity by exploring the context and connections between elements. Not only by considering their perspectives, but by identifying the scope and scale of what changes could be reasonably implemented.

This workshop is part of International Pass training program.

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Business Systemic thinking Strategy
Date & Time

    This workshop will be active exploration of Systemic Thinking starting from the fundamentals. Building on this foundation, you will begin to recognize the value of approaching situations in this new light and identify how and when you can apply it to your personal and professional practice. 

    You will be accompanied through this journey into systemic thought by Carolina Serrano Archimi, an expert in the field of management with more than a decade of expertise on the subject. She will guide you through activities where you have the opportunity to not only experiment with the principles of the theory but apply it in realistic scenarios. You will be encouraged to let go of the desire to “explain everything” and instead decode interactions between actors to try and influence change—perhaps the most critical element for anyone in a managerial role. She will invite you to begin to think differently and look at the bigger picture, not its constituent parts.

    This session will teach you the fundamentals of Systems Theory and demonstrate its value in a business and managerial environment. You will improve upon your capacity to read complex situations and identify new ways of resolving sources of inefficiency or conflict. Working with relatable scenarios, you will learn the value of following your intuition and emotions in order to make choices and respond more effectively.

    Day 0: Arrival and Welcome Dinner

    [… – 19:30]
    Arrival at thecamp and Check-In

    [20:00 – …]
    Welcome Dinner


    Day 1: Exploring a Complex World

    [08:45 – 09:00]
    Morning Energizer / Wake-Up Call Ritual

    [09:00 – 09:10]
    Context, Introduction, Agenda, Experiential Learning Model

    [09:10 – 10:45]
    Introduction to Systemic Thinking

    [11:00 – 12:30]
    Observation – The Big Picture

    [12:30 – 14:00]
    Lunch, followed by a surprise encounter

    [14:00 – 15:30]
    Interactive Workshop

    [15:45 – 17:30]
    Relating to the Theory : Theory for Action

    [17:30 – 19:00]
    Break / Exploring thecamp

    [19:00 – 20:00]

    [20:00 – 21:00]

    [21:00 – …]
    Chilling at the bar


    Day 2: Applying the TheoryPutting Systemic Thinking to the Test

    [08:45 – 09:00]
    Morning Energizer / Wake-Up Call Ritual

    [09:00 – 10:30]
    A Refresher – Contextualizing Complexity and Applying Systemic Tools

    [11:00 – 12:30]
    Interactive Workshop

    [12:30 – 14:00]
    Lunch, followed by a surprise encounter

    [14:00 – 15:30]
    Applying Sytemic Thinking to a Case Study

    [15:30 – 15:45]

    [15:45 – 17:15]
    Comparing Analytical Thinking to Systems Thinking

    [17:15 – 17:30]
    Closing - Wrap-Up and Feedback


    Agenda is subject to change.

    • Identify the principles of Systemic Thinking
    • Adapt your way of thinking to be a better manager
    • Apply problem-solving methods
    • Keynotes
    • Creative exercises
    • Management cases



    2750* (excl. VAT)

    ✓ 2 days training
    ✓ Full board and accommodation (2 days)
    ✓ Access to all cultural activities and sports facilities 

    *pricing depends on the company size and if you are attending as an individual

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