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A talk by Virginie Testemale, coach, with keys to emotional intelligence.

While primarily focused women’s experiences, this talk is open to all.

More and more women are awakening to their life’s purpose. Through her approach called “La Clarté Retrouvée (Finding Clarity)”, based on the CIJ methodology developed at Stanford, Virginie Testemale helps us to find concrete responses to questions like:

  • How do our deepest mechanisms work… those that hinder us and those that move us forward?
  • What will our vision and our life become if we liberate our creativity, our intuition, our passions?
  • How can we make a useful and effective contribution that is aligned with our deepest values and our true personality?
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Collective intelligence Leadership Agility Positive impact Inspiration Quality of Life
Date & Time

550 rue Denis Papin, La Duranne
Aix-en-Provence 13100



Talk by Virginie


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Free upon registration

Free parking, carpooling encouraged

Bar open, payment by card only

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