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A talk with Pierre Cattan, producer and Concetta Sangrigoli, architect and landscape designer, around the future of “doing together” during Creative Connections #03.

What could an inclusive city, co-constructed with its inhabitants, look like? How can urban planners, architects and landscape designers adapt their practices to the ecological and social challenges of tomorrow’s world? What place should digital tools play in facing these challenges, in creating links, in giving more power to citizens, in making cities more humane and culture more accessible?

Our guests Pierre Cattan, producer, author and director, founder of Small Bang and Concetta Sangrigoli, architect and urbanist, will try their hand at answering prospective questions during a talk organised during Creative Connections on July 18.

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Collective intelligence Collaboration
Date & Time

    550 rue Denis Papin, La Duranne
    Aix-en-Provence 13100