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An application that matches users to responsible fashion brands according to their values.
Circular Economy Environment Sustainable Development
Created by Hive
Blank Hive project thecamp

Provide greater transparency on the social and environmental impact of clothing.

March 2019
Project details

“Blank” refers to the blank drawn by consumers when looking for information on how a piece of clothing has been made. The industry, dominated by “fast fashion,” has faced increasing pressure in recent years for negative environmental and social impacts.

With its mobile application and online platform, Blank. puts ethically and environmentally aware consumers in touch with companies whose approaches match their values.

The Blank. app is beneficial in two ways. It allows fashion-lovers to consume responsibly thanks to the information it provides. It also gives the companies that meet its sustainability standards access to an ever-increasing community for whom the environment, human rights and product quality are determining factors when purchasing clothes.

March - September 2019

Project created during the Hive#03 collaborative residency at thecamp

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