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An interactive installation that questions the trust we place In the internet and connected technologies
Media Big data
Created by Hive

To increase awareness among Internet users of how websites use their data, to make them more cautious and bring about a change in their behavior

April 2018
Project lead
Vytautas Jankauskas
Artist / Designer & Researcher
Vytautas Jankauskas
Felipe de Souza
Coder & Maker
Felipe de Souza
Joana Mateus
Entrepreneur & Designer
Joana Mateus
Clément Bouttier
Clément Bouttier
Project details

Cached is an interactive installation, which begins with visitors finding themselves alone in a room, where they are asked to connect to their Facebook or Twitter account. 

Cached exists to make explicit what people seem to prefer not to acknowledge: the quantity, variety and depth of data that can be gathered from social networks and applications and, above all, the deductions that can be made from this information to build each person’s psychological profile. Algorithms enable third parties to make numerous – and often reductive – evaluations or, worse, potentially damaging recommendations of an economic, social, political or ideological nature. 

Cached aims to increase our awareness with regard to data security, through enlightened information about what really goes on behind our screens. Cached addresses the UN’s Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Development Goal.

We need you!

Cached can be used and tested by any partner entity – association, company, public institution – that would like to raise awareness and help people understand the influence of algorithms often hidden on our daily decisions.

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