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An interactive application that matches users to recommendations and incites them to improve public spaces.
Society Artificial Intelligence Quality of Life
Created by Hive
Colimo Hive project thecamp

Establish meaningful dialog between a city and its inhabitants.

March 2019
Project lead
Eleni Xynogala
Eleni Xynogala
Israel Goytom
Engineer & Programmer
Israel Goytom
Kidus Teshager
Architect & Designer
Kidus Teshager
Oluwatobi Oyinlola
Oluwatobi Oyinlola
Project details

With Colimo, five young Hive residents have come up with an interactive, personalized app that allows a city’s inhabitants to interact with their city according to their journey routes and mood, in order to enhance their quality of life.

The Colimo app begins by asking you to sign up via a social network in order to find out more about your tastes and personality, processing your public information using a tailored AI algorithm. An avatar collects information according to your tastes and mood when you use Colimo to find a recommendation for a new place to go, a night out or a hike.

The application also has a participative approach aimed at get people involved in city life by encouraging them to provide detailed feedback to the city’s administrators. For example, using augmented reality, users can geolocate and flag a faulty streetlamp, a missing garbage container or other incidents on the street in real time by placing an icon, taken from a 3D object library, at the exact location.

March - September 2019

Project created during the Hive#03 collaborative residency at thecamp

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