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Evo Pods
Converting bicycles into fast, safe, fun and weather-proof vehicles.
Startup Energy Mobility
Supported by The Village by CA
Evo pods - mobilité durable

Enhance the quality of city dwellers’ daily journeys by combining the advantages of the bicycle with those of the automobile.

September 2018
Project lead
Sébastien Roques
Sébastien Roques
Simon Favraud
Simon Favraud
Florian Delonin
Florian Delonin
Project details

The Evo Pod is a “capsule” that can be clipped onto any type of bicycle in just a few seconds to provide protection from the elements, a passenger seat and electrical assistance. The capsules will be made available to users at stations in the city, much like with any other shared vehicle system. A mobile application will allow users to view their locations, make a reservation if required, and even take part in managing the network through gamification, with offers such as reductions on membership or bike-related goodies (helmets, lights, etc.).

September - December 2018

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #02 acceleration program

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