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A mobile app for viewing the story behind the food in supermarkets.
Startup Agriculture Food
Supported by The Village by CA
MyFoodStory - alimentation durable

Bringing together consumers and transparency-conscious producers.

September 2018
Project lead
Project details

Transparency is the password for this application, which aims to overcome the prevailing opacity in the food production ecosystem. Where was the produce sourced and where was it prepared, processed and packed? What type of farming practices were used and what were the conditions? How was the producer compensated? 

MyFoodStory is an application that tells products’ stories, their journeys, and the story of the farmers and growers who feed us. If they want to, consumers can become active members of the app user community by personally checking production sites in order to update the information made available. In addition to the production history, with all its different stages illustrated, MyFoodStory will also show a category rating for each product scanned, including quality and farming and production ethics among others. The application will show all the retail outlets selling the product. It will provide a good opportunity for major retailers to showcase their local, ethical and short supply chain product initiatives. MyFoodStory also offers a white-label solution.

September - December 2018

Participation in the Village by CA Alpes Provence’s Climb #02 acceleration program

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