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A platform for creating reliable business contacts in developing countries.
Society Inclusion Startup
Supported by The Village by CA
In progress
netwookie social innovation

Bring transparency and trust within the informal economy sector in order to boost employment and guarantee the quality of service, especially in emerging markets.

July 2015
Project lead
Fabian Fischer
Co-founder & CTO Netwookie
Fabian Fischer
Maximilian Bock
Co-founder & CEO Netwookie
Maximilian Bock
Project details

Netwookie is a professional networking tool that fights against inequality by fostering informal employment (gardening, cooking, housekeeping, nursing...), in particular of women and young people in developing countries.

There are two main challenges facing people in the informal labor market: transparency and trust. The platform, based in Kenya, puts potential customers in touch with informal-sector service providers able to fulfil specific business needs. The solution is adapted to the system’s unique requirements, providing fair and transparent rates, cost savings and improved service supply. 

  • July, 2015: Netwookie founded in Cambridge, UK
  • October, 2017: Maximilian Bock and Damian Fischer join the project as CEO and CTO
  • January 15–April 15, 2018: Participation in the Climb #01 incubation program at thecamp


We need you!

Netwookie is one of the main partners of AfricEM, the African Enterprise Movement. The startup is working to connect experienced African entrepreneurs with the top graduates from the Aix-Marseille area and surrounding region. Their aim is to build the next generation of Franco-African startups that will have a positive impact on the world.

For more information, you can get in touch with them at at, putting “AfricEM” in the subject line.

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