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An interactive installation about what sexuality might be like in the future, combining contemporary dance and augmented reality.
Society Arts and Culture Augmented reality
Created by Hive
Sx-Fi Hive project thecamp

Question the nature of sexual norms.

March 2019
Project lead
Audrey Jaillard
Graphic & textile designer
Audrey Jaillard
Hayeon Kim
UX Designer
Hayeon Kim
Mimi Jeong
Artist & Choreographer
Mimi Jeong
Zito Tseng
Sex/Gender Artist
Zito Tseng
Project details

The Sx-Fi project was created by four residents from the LGBTQ+ community and supporting allies, who have formed the collective AMMZ Lab. Society still places a heavy burden on people whose sexuality falls outside of what’s seen as “normal.” Sx-Fi challenges the idea that gender and sexual norms are absolute or unchanging.

The audience is invited to enter a room in which a dancer is moving around against a background of sounds and images. The dancer’s costume reveals an indefinable human creature, and the spectators interact with the dancer’s performance using augmented reality (AR). Images are projected while recordings of speculative stories about sexuality are played. The stories are based on possible scenarios drawn from earlier workshops, which use a pack of cards to encourage participants to use their imagination and break free of contemporary normality, in order to create “sexuality-fictions.” 

March - September 2019

Project created during the Hive#03 collaborative residency at thecamp