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A personal assistant for spending less time on social networks.
Health Society Tech
Created by Hive
YOBL Hive project thecamp

Take back control of our spare time.

March 2019
Project lead
Julieta Talavera
Julieta Talavera
Oluwatobi Oyinlola
Oluwatobi Oyinlola
Project details

Just like scrolling down a screen with a swipe, social network time has become more a routine than a real desire. Anxiety, attention disorders, feelings of despondency: research also points to a correlation between excessive time spent on social media and a negative impact on the personality development in young adults. Like Apple’s Screen Time (a feature that provides information about the amount of time spent using an iPhone), YOBL contributes to a movement that Google refers to as “digital well-being.”

The YOBL personal assistant is a small device that works on a PC like a timer. On first connection, users input their chosen profiles and the assistant gets to work. The simple device lets users see their social media consumption in real time, but also helps them concentrate by blocking access to certain applications that might distract them from their work. It has two main benefits: better productivity for users in their work time, and better use of their spare time.

March - September 2019

Project created during the Hive#03 collaborative residency at thecamp

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