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Collective impact – Waves Oceans

26 Years After Rio and The Water is Still Rising

Ever since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, June 8th has been designated World Oceans Day, with a view to increasing awareness of environmental issues among the general public, businesses and local government and promoting better management of the oceans and their resources.

The oceans are one of thecamp's challenges for 2018. We have observed an increasing number of initiatives to tackle plastic pollution, but how can we give this campaign even greater impact? We believe the key lies in pooling efforts and skills. That is why we have set up the Plastic & Ocean Platform (POP to its friends), bringing together the world's most active stakeholders to work on research and experimental projects.

First phase: the joint drafting of a scientific report on the facts surrounding plastic pollution in the oceans. It's a necessary step in understanding the underlying issues with a view to implementing appropriate and audacious solutions. Read the full report here

Second phase: a week of project acceleration at thecamp in the form of a residency. Workshops Workshops on conceptualization, round tables, conferences with experts… Waves proposes an innovative working method for launching collective projects; 7 days during which a community of international stakeholders will work on the issue of plastic waste in the Marseille area! Additional objective: adapt the method to other coastal cities thanks to detailed, open-source documentation. Stay stuned for the expedition's launch.

This project helps all stakeholders working for the depollution and preservation of the oceans and marine ecosystems -activists, scientists, start-ups, collectives, public and private-sector decision-makers from all over the world- to act more efficiently.