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Lydia Babaci-Victor VINCI Energies entrepreneur startup
Acceleration and incubation – The Village by CA Startup Entrepreneur

3 Questions for Lydia Babaci-Victor

Lydia Babaci-Victor, Innovation and Development Director at VINCI Energies, a founding partner of thecamp, mentors entrepreneurs as part of the Climb program. She answers a few questions!

– In your view, what’s interesting about the startups you mentor here at thecamp’s accelerator?

Most of the projects are deeply concerned with societal and environmental issues, which gives them a sustainable character, being centered on the circular economy, energy efficiency and, for some, artificial intelligence. This wish to generate a positive impact on society remains at the core of VINCI Energies' ambitions as we believe that there is no sustainable economic success without an ambitious human and environmental project. As partners of thecamp, we are here to help them work in a different way and generate that positive impact, while at the same time continuing to create value.

– What do you pass on to them?

We support them in this search for meaning in order for this positive impact to be delivered within the framework of a concrete and realistic business. The goal of a mentor is to help the startup ask itself the right questions about its model and impact, in addition to giving it access to the mentor’s network. In short, we help them structure their projects and provide it with new business opportunities whenever possible. On a personal level, I open up my network and provide them with the benefits of my experience managing many innovation projects. I also receive a lot back from them in terms of their creativity, optimism and entrepreneurial drive.

– What do you think of the Le Village by CAAP accelerator at thecamp?

What the founding partners of thecamp built here is based on a humanist vision of entrepreneurship and of a society that needs to take control of the changes it is facing, for the good of the planet and humanity. The founders themselves wish to collaborate in a different way. In this fast-changing world that is facing such difficult decisions, major organizations have realized that they cannot innovate alone, it has to be done collectively. We need to co-create the innovations of tomorrow with our stakeholders and our ecosystems. thecamp is an ecosystem that gathers people from different cultures, generations and fields, a playground that allows them to grow up, to collaborate and to transform themselves according to their convictions that focus on innovation dedicated to humanity and nature. This Village by CA is not a Village like any other, it is the reflection of a future we all aspire to.