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Facing Expo Photo Caroline Deloffre
Arts and Culture Visual arts

Bodies and water

Check out “Facing,” a photo series by Caroline Deloffre, on display at thecamp’s bar from August 19 to September 20.

As part of the 2019 cultural season, thecamp’s bar – a shared space where everyone on campus inevitably passes through, for a coffee, a drink, a meeting or a concert – has become a gallery hosting Vues d’elles, a series of exhibits featuring how women photographers see the world of today and tomorrow.

If you’re at thecamp for an event or for training, make sure to check it out!

About the exhibit:

The French photographer Caroline Deloffre started taking photographs with her father’s old Pentax camera when she was a teenager. After studying Art History at La Sorbonne and photography at the Ecole des Gobelins (Paris), she traveled all around the world before settling for a while in New York. Back in Paris, she worked in advertising for several years before becoming a still photographer for cinema. Her current project, (started in 2011) “Facing,” explores the existential experiences and emotions of faceless human beings looking out into the abyss of a vast and unforgiving sea. Based in Paris, leading her job in total independance, she now collaborates with the press, institutions and different communication agencies, and works in cinema.

“Facing” described by Catherine Maliszewski of the French newspaper Le Monde: “Facing. Facing the moment. The mystery. A beach. A cliff. The pull of the horizon caressing the deep azure of the sea. Unfathomable and penetrating. The delight of Infinity. Facing. Facing your fear. Naked and free. Facing yourself, your modesty, your virtue. Facing it all... and turning your back! Turning against the throbbing heartbeat of humanity, the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Turning your back on the human anthill of everyday life, its protocols, its fiascos, its illusions of dungeons and dreams. To ignore it all and to turn around, balanced on the fine line between following and just being. Through the lens of artist and photographer Caroline Deloffre we are brought to witness the vunerability, the fragility and the raw, tender beauty of humanity. The men and women seen in the Facing series would most likely never use these words to describe the experience of baring skin and soul in broad daylight. This unique project, started in 2011 by Caroline Deloffre, is daring and strong. With her sweet nature and her pure vision and principles, she convinces complete strangers to peel away the layers... to strip down at the ocean’s edge, and to offer themselves, naked, in full light. We are brought to ask ourselves, through her unusual vision, unconditionally tender and without judgement in relation to the anonymous men and women who pose for her, could this be freedom? Facing the universe? Facing the inevitable passage of time? As each body exults beauty, each sea shall be serene.”

Attend the final night of the exhibit on September 20 as part of Creative Connections Night #04!