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Make the Choice 2019 UPE 13
Youth – YXP Entrepreneur

A boost for the young entrepreneurs of Make the Choice

thecamp welcomed 25 aspiring entrepreneurs for a weekend this past June, as part of our partnership with UPE 13.

At thecamp, we believe that anyone who wants to should be able to become an entrepreneur. That’s why we’re proud to be a partner of Make the Choice, an UPE 13 program now in its second year. It’s designed to boost aspiring entrepreneurs, ages 18-30, who’ve got plenty of ideas and enthusiam, but don’t have a network or a degree.

First step: anyone with an idea for a business can apply online via video. 100 candidates are selected by a jury and the public. Then, over the course of about six months, the 100 are narrowed down to 25, then to 10 finalists, then to 5 winners who each win 5,000 euros. Although it’s a competition, everybody wins: all selected candidates get coaching for the program’s full duration no matter what stage they make it to.

On June 7 and 8, thecamp welcomed the 25 selected candidates and 2 young entrepreneurs from Burkina Faso for an immersion weekend. The goal: create a real community among the entrepreneurs, accelerate their projects, and teach soft skills. Through workshops to develop leadership, self-confidence and creativity, inspiring stories from established entrepreneurs, and a “skills bar,” the 25 young people left more ready than ever to make their ideas a reality.

The 10 finalists were annonced on June 18, and the 5 winners will be announced on September 6. Good luck and bravo to all the candidates!

Photo credit: UPE 13