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Catherine Gall thecamp

Catherine Gall, new General Manager of thecamp

Olivier Mathiot, President of thecamp, named Catherine Gall as General Manager of thecamp in fall 2018.

Formerly Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Steelcase Inc., Catherine is an expert in collaborative research on the design of experiences and spaces as levers for innovation, and has considerable international experience. Between 2014 and 2017, she led, on behalf of Steelcase, the international design team who developed the experience concept for thecamp site.

“What I’m most excited about in this new challenge is the idea of joining a community that is intergenerational, diverse, inclusive, made up of people who are looking to change the status quo: startuppers, academics, entrepreneurs, artists, makers, students, CEOs and employees from the private and the public sector, and all those who want to take action. In the face of the changes in today’s world, we can choose to be resigned or choose to experiment with new models, to explore a more sustainable and positive future — it’s this second path that is fascinating.”

— Catherine Gall