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Collaborative residency – Hive

Check out the Hivers' prototypes!

Imagine 20 young creators coming together from all over the world. Ten women, ten men aged 16 to 30, who decide to pitch their tents at our base camp for an expedition unlike any other... Some have quit their jobs to take part in the adventure, others are taking a break in their studies or are about to start them, or have just finished them. Among the residents there are film-makers, digital artists, designers, engineers, programmers, makers and innovation managers.

Now imagine six months of creative effervescence. In other words, the very first class of the Hive. A one-of-a-kind residence at the frontier of different disciplines and cultures, in which the leitmotif is collaborative creation.

The mission these creators were given was to hack the world of tomorrow. The gong sounds – it's time to discover the seven projects hatched thanks to the collective intelligence of these Millennials!