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Deborah Pardo
Positive impact Environment

Deborah Pardo — “Vous vous êtes déjà pris une claque de nature ?”

Subscribe to our new podcast, Les Explorateurs! In the first episode, travel to Antarctica with the scientist and activist Deborah Pardo, and start seeing the world differently.

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Les Explorateurs (The Explorers) is a podcast about how real people are making the future they want to live in. You'll hear bite-sized immersive stories recorded at thecamp. P.S. - there will be bonus episodes in English!

Deborah Pardo has a PhD in ecology and 8 years' experience in prestigious international research institutes working on the impact of global changes on seabirds. In 2017, she was named one of the top 20 innovative women by French newspaper Le Tribune after being the first French woman part of the largest female expedition in Antarctica's history, which trained 78 scientists in leadership to save the planet. Today she is a green entrepreneur with contagious energy and enthusiasm. She works as a scientific consultant at the Pure Ocean Foundation founded by David Sussmann, co-organizes the Planète Biodiv exhibition at the Parc Chanot ahead of Marseille's role as Capital of Biodiversity 2020, is part of the open-minders Friteam collective with which she gives training courses and leads workshops in collective intelligence, and leaves 1 month a year as a polar naturalist guide for the Ponant company. She is the mother of Nathan, 4, and Gaia, 1.