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Sofiane AMMAR - startup accélérateur entrepreneur - innovation
Acceleration and incubation – The Village by CA Startup Entrepreneur

EDITORIAL: Let's Accelerate Positive Impact Projects!

Diverse entrepreneurs will create diverse solutions, that will benefit the most people. That’s the conviction of Sofiane Ammar, director of the accelerator Le Village by CAAP at thecamp, who’s looking for radical entrepreneurs anywhere they can be found.

Helping businesses emerge that are can generate a positive impact for humanity and the environment is what drives us each day here at Le Village by CAAP at thecamp. We seek out these innovative solutions to tomorrow’s challenges wherever they may be, convinced that diversity is a prerequisite for change. And this is why the entrepreneurs who take part in our programs aren’t the same ages, don’t have the same professional experiences, don’t speak the same languages and don’t go by the same cultural codes. From a wide variety of backgrounds, they all have a common ambition: to innovate and do business without losing sight of the common interest factor.

Our accelerator offers them a range of tailored and complementary programs: Climb, to boost the development of startups from all over the world; Labster, a week-long immersion to help young people progress from idea to project; Boost, to promote the emergence of “intrapreneurs” within major corporations and middle-sized companies; not forgetting our learning expeditions, an invitation to build new synergies for innovation in collaboration with thecamp.

The second season of our startup acceleration program, finishing soon, has allowed us to strengthen a number of elements vital to promoting innovation, beginning with the active role of our private and public sector partners. Thanks to them, the support we give our entrepreneurs is not limited just to advice and training, but includes direct interaction with business and experimental resources that will have a decisive impact on their future companies.  This kind of approach is only possible within an open and evolving ecosystem based on collaboration, like that of thecamp.

Le Village by CAAP at thecamp also has another key asset: its mentors. These professionals tasked with personally assisting our startuppers are all reference figures in their respective domains and internationally recognized for their work and expertise. Given their valued advice and extensive lists of contacts, there’s little doubt they would be out of reach in any context other than that of thecamp…

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