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Composting platform
Circular Economy Sustainable Development

Everyone Get Composting!

Today, more than one third of household waste is organic waste, often dumped in landfills or incinerated. Yet composting is a natural process that transforms organic waste thanks to micro-organisms.

At thecamp, the compost produced from peelings and waste food from the restaurant goes straight to the vegetable garden. All the campus' organic waste from the 300 meals presently served each day (600 to 800 eventually) is recycled locally, providing nutrients for the soil and thus replacing chemical fertilizers.

The Compost’Air composting platform set up on the campus is an innovative solution that reduces the time-consuming and laborious task of turning over the compost by hand. Air is automatically injected into the containers to accelerate the composting process. The humidity level is maintained thanks to a sprinkler system linked to a timer.

Did you know? By composting, we are helping to reduce the traffic, air pollution and bad odors caused by transporting waste. We are also helping to reduce the risk of water, air and soil pollution inherent in landfills and to put organic matter back into the soil. So let's get composting!