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Final call for the flight to Mars!

Keep Cool has docked a 150-sq.m. sports arena with thecamp to trial the sports experience of the future! Escape to Mars is a 45-minute space mission for 4 to 16 players to reach planet Mars. No need to be an astronaut to explore the galaxy! Just slip on your sneakers and jump aboard a spaceship to battle meteorites together in a series of physical workouts. #NoPainNoGain

"This is a world first, set up in conjunction with URBAN EXPE. To take up the challenge, we identified the requirements in terms of innovation and avant-garde technologies and brought in partners from sectors often very far removed from our own, such as video gaming. This wider view of things is similar to the one here at thecamp, which tries to break down the silo mentality and to think differently." — Aymeric Guion, Keep Cool.