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Youth – YXP Education Inspiration

Go on, transmute!

Twenty two final-year students from the Lycée Victor Hugo in Carpentras spent a day at thecamp meeting the Hiversstart-ups and exploring thecamp's ICI Fablab.
The expedition finished with a "job interview" with thecamp team members. The interviews, lasting a few minutes, turned the tables, with the explorers deciding to play the recruiters in order to find out who we are and what we do! 
"It was a really inspiring experience. They were curious and quickly felt at ease in their role. We were faced with a series of questions which, for me at least, made me take a new look at my career path! What are your responsibilities? What subjects do you have to draw on in your daily work? What did you study to get to where you are?..." — Maëlle Mezaber, thecamp.